In its twelfth year, Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibition components include:

BeltLine Walls

BeltLine Walls is the mural component of the 2021-2022 exhibition. Muralists from Atlanta and beyond have been invited to paint select locations around the BeltLine corridor with work slated to begin fall 2021.

BeltLine Flow

BeltLine Flow is the performance component of the exhibition, comprised of pop-up style events, immersive interactions, and activations that celebrate the corridor and parks in a variety of locations.

BeltLine Spaces

The sculpture component of the exhibition, the works of selected artists are on display for two years. Sculptures for the 2021-2022 exhibition will be installed in spring 2022.

Continuing Collection

Temporary works of art that have carried over from previous Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibitions. These include murals and sculptures that have a lifespan that can survive an outdoor environment.

Foundational Collection

Permanent and rotating sculptures from philanthropic funding sources that remain year-round. These pieces are often monumental in size, and reflect the character and history of the Atlanta Beltline as a former railroad corridor.

Art installations are presented along established and interim trail segments of the corridor, encompassing the Westside Trail, Southside Trail, and Eastside Trail. Explore our interactive map to locate the works.

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine began in 2010 as a way to encourage people to explore the Atlanta BeltLine in an interim state – after rails were removed, but before concrete was poured. All of the exhibitions and programming are free and open to the public, making art accessible to numerous communities around the Atlanta BeltLine. Participation in the exhibition also showcases the work of established and emerging artists from Atlanta and beyond.

  • Art & Culture Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP)

    The Art & Culture Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) moves beyond the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibition to support strong, livable communities and increased creative activities along the Atlanta BeltLine. The purpose of the plan is to utilize the unique transformative potential of the Atlanta BeltLine to improve neighborhood connectivity and access to cultural amenities.

  • Atlanta BeltLine Inc.’s Public Art Program

    In 2018, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. released the first comprehensive policy document for Art on the Atlanta BeltLine. The document is the first-ever comprehensive cultural plan for Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. and is intended to serve as a roadmap to a more inclusive, equitable, and resilient cultural ecosystem. Its strategies support arts and culture around the corridor and delineate roles for Atlanta BeltLine stakeholders at all levels.