Call for Artists

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine puts out a call for artists each spring. The call for artists has been extended to June 13, 2023.

Please register, access documents, and submit proposals in link below for the 2023-2024 Art on the BeltLine:

View details.

Residency Programs

The Atlanta BeltLine Residency Program is designed to offer real-world exposure operating within the realm of public art and infrastructure. Interested artists can apply now through our open call for artists. Learn more about these programs here.

Exhibition Support Positions

Positions support the exhibition for the Art on the Atlanta Beltline — the largest outdoor art exhibit! Currently, no support positions are available, but you can learn more.

Serve on the BeltLine Public Art Advisory Council (BPAAC)

BPAAC members review the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibition’s jury selected artists, external exhibition proposals, creative partnerships, and to provide advice and recommendations to the Arts & Culture Department. Learn more about BPAAC.

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine Exhibition Jury

The Art on the Atlanta BeltLine jury is responsible for selecting the artists for the annual public art exhibition. Learn more.