Join the Exhibition

Be part of one of the most exciting and rapidly growing art showcases in the country! Project proposals could include, but are not limited to, visual installations, performance works such as music, dance, and theater, murals, collaborations, amenities such as benches or bike racks, and more.


Residency Programs

The Atlanta BeltLine Residency Program is designed to offer real-world exposure operating within the realm of public art and infrastructure.


Exhibition Technical Positions

We’re seeking the following professionals: Installation Foreman, Sound and Lighting Engineer/Technician, Exhibition Maintenance Technician, Exhibition Photographer, and Exhibition Docent.

Serve on the BeltLine Public Art Advisory Council (BPAAC)

BPAAC members review the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibition’s jury selected artists, external exhibition proposals, creative partnerships, and to provide advice and recommendations to the Arts & Culture Department.