Artist Statement

A series of public walks at which participants use mobile phones to collectively construct an interactive audio map to document the sounds of the Beltline. Anyone can download the Urban Remix mobile application to capture and contribute their own sounds and images of the BeltLine, and anyone can use the Urban Remix web site to explore the contributed sounds and mix their own soundscapes of the Beltline.


Artist Bio

UrbanRemix is a collaborative and locative sound project with a goal to design a platform and series of public workshops that would enable participants to develop and express the acoustic identity of their communities, and enable users of the website to explore and experience the soundscapes of the city in a novel fashion. The project was conceived of and is directed by Jason Freeman, Michael Nitsche, and Carl Disalvo, who are professors at the Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta, Georgia. It is made possible by the invaluable work of numerous students and designers, and supported in part by the Music Technology program, the Digital Media program, and the GVU center at Georgia Tech.