Artist Statement

The Tin lady has stepped out from art shows to the streets of Atlanta. Don’t let her startle you she is a statue with a bundle of surprises who will dance the day away. The best part of the tin lady is bringing positive energy and smiles among her fellow peers and audience.  As she stands on her crate wearing fashionable attire that is painted in metallic rose gold as well as her hands (sometimes gloves will be worn) in rose gold.  The character pays homage to the street performance culture and embodies the dance style of robotics, popping, strutting, miming and many more. She will be bumping music through her boombox to bring light to her surroundings.  The Tin Lady brings a feminine vibe with her mannerisms and gestures to add characteristics. After all this is for the people and the community.


Artist Bio

A native from Kansas City, Missouri, Stephanie has lived in Atlanta for 11 years. She moved to Atlanta to finish her degree as an artist earning her degree in Fine Arts at Spelman College. A friend has called her the “Renaissance woman” due to having a diverse background in the arts.  Moving to Atlanta expanded her abilities giving her the experience of her life growing into a battle dancer, performer and artist.  Her journey as a dancer focused on popping, robotics, scarecrow, miming, strutting and more.  She also goes by the name “Lady Krow” before the name “The Tin Lady” existed which lands in the “also known as” list of names that she goes by.

The first performance started when admitted to a couple of art shows where her artwork was displayed and decided to paint and dress herself to go along with her work. The purpose is bringing the street performance that people would see in other across the globe who are covered in silver, copper or gold. Stephanie wanted to portray her character in her own way by choosing the color Rose gold. The purpose was paying homage to the street performers in the streets of Los Angeles and in the Bay area, Chicago and New York etc but bringing a feminine touch to it.  Her goal as “The Tin Lady” is to bring hope, happiness, joy and making someone’s day by the ambiance of her rose gold character.