Artist Statement

The FENCE is one of the largest outdoor photography exhibitions in the world, featuring photographic stories by over 85 photographers from around the globe. This exhibition is aimed at fostering conversations and exploring the meaning of community across cultural boundaries and geographical lines. The FENCE will be presented simultaneously in 10 cities throughout North America: Brooklyn, NY; Durham, NC; Winchester, MA; Houston, TX; Seattle, WA; Denver, CO; Calgary, Ontario; Sarasota, FL; New Orleans, LA; and Atlanta, GA!



Artist Bio

Atlanta Celebrates Photography, a twenty-two-year-old arts nonprofit, is dedicated to the cultivation of the photographic arts and the enrichment of the Atlanta art community. ACP understands public art is significant in its ability to reach beyond the audience of traditional arts venues and expand the way we consider visual storytelling. We believe photography can change lives. It is from this belief that we create experiences to enrich, inspire and transform – using the world’s fastest growing art form. Each October, ACP produces a community-based photo festival which brings together thousands of creators and art-lovers. With the addition of some year-round programs, ACP works tirelessly to educate, engage and inspire through the power of photography.

Amy Miller has been Executive Director of Atlanta Celebrates Photography for 13 years. With an MFA in photography from Pratt Institute, and experience working at a gallery in NYC, Ms. Miller worked as Gallery Director for Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta for seven years before beginning her career at ACP. Michael David Murphy has been ACP’s Digital Director since 2007, and Bex Godsey has been Program Coordinator since 2018.