Artist Statement

The BeltLine Bridge is a building structure constructed along the train tracks reminiscent of old train-related buildings from historic images. The tight passageway of the shotgun house creates an illusion of distance and entryway to visitors who travel the tunnel from either side.


Artist Bio

The project was designed and constructed by the students of a Georgia State University Graduate Seminar class – Mark T. Errol, Jeshua W. Holt, Laura M. Martin – and instructor Mike Wsol.

Mike Wsol is a multimedia artist who explores how architectural forms and cultural and political forces affect peoples’ lives and ability to function in developed societies. His current projects take the form of interactive sculpture, computer-generated models, photographs, drawings and renderings. Wsol earned a Masters in Architecture degree from the University of Georgia, a MA in Sculpture and a BA in Sculpture from Eastern Illinois University. He now teaches three-dimensional Studies at Georgia State University.