Artist Statement

About 2 years ago the artists set a goal to watch the sunrise every day for a full year with over 200 different companions, all ranging from friends and family to complete strangers. After completing that goal, they learned much about self and about light, specifically the transition that takes place during the sunrise. The Sunrise Cube is an art installation that is based on experiencing the sunrise in a unique way to draw attention to its importance through object, music and dance. Its purpose is to invite people to consider the transformation from darkness to light and its relation to the human condition.

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October 18 @ 8:45 p.m.

October 19 @ 8:45 p.m.


Artist Bio

A student at Florida State University, Chase Jones, 23, is currently pursuing his BFA in Design. A year ago, Chase began a collaborative project surrounding the Sunrise Cube with the help of his wife, Jayne Jones, 21, and two friends, Maggie Shackelford, 21, and Zach Shackelford, 22. Jayne received her BS degree in Media Production from Florida State in 2012. Also at FSU, Maggie is pursuing her BA in Studio Art & Family Child Sciences and Zach is pursuing his BA in Economics & Mathematics. All four currently reside and work in Tallahassee, Florida. Together, the four have created a dynamic performance piece drawing on their diverse backgrounds in dance, drama, sculpture, mathematics, photography, and cinematography. Each is passionate about sharing the power and meaning that light can bring to individuals and collaboratively, they work to create art that is relational, positive, and symbolic.