Artist Statement

This Insect looking, (8’ x 4’ x 5’), green, metal-structure is an outdoor, double-sided public-bench, constructed out of primarily steel-pipes that are cut and welded to form a stimulating sculpture and interactive outdoor piece of furniture.


Artist Bio

Mr. Saidi, is a visual artist and college professor of art and design. Born in Tunisia in 1965, trained in Paris, France, for a decade, relocated to Georgia in 1999. A fine arts instructor for the past 16 years. Chouaieb owes his early talent to a warm gifted family of artists, and to a sunny Mediterranean climate. He attributes his broad knowledge and expertise in visual arts and design to generations of master-artists and great teachers, added to his early passion for art and his extended experience of daily practice in fine arts, conceptual art, and design.  His experience has been honed by an extensive travel around the world and interest in diversity of people, cultures and means of expression. Chouaieb is fluent in English, French and Arabic. He is also able to partially communicate in several other languages. Beside the diversity of his mediums, techniques and subject matter, Saidi is valued for his fascinating live-drawing and painting demonstrations of portraiture from live-modeling.