Artist Statement

Rainbow Pupper is a symbol of the cohesiveness of our community. The dog figure symbolizes all humans and animals of all colors and cultures who coexist in harmony in Atlanta. The bright colorful background acts as an uplifting visual for walkers on the belt line. The dog figure, with it’s vulnerable sentient face draws the viewer into a dialogue with a life size fellow being, inviting compassion and acknowledgment.


Artist Bio

Linda Mitchell, who was born in Atlanta, grew up in a family that nurtured her strong, early interest in both animals and making art. Mitchell received a BFA from UGA in painting and an MFA in painting and a second one in sculpture from GSU.

The current mixed media paintings and installations are populated by animals- both real and imagined. In these narrative works, the animals often become surrogates for human beings and their emotional lives. Some of the animal figures, including those made from fabric and Play-Doh, speak directly to the child within and the vulnerable, delicate places of the viewer’s own past.

The highly textured pieces are made with painted and photographic images, fabric, wood, glass, and found objects. They coalesce into intricate and surreal scenes, reflecting life’s emotional complexity. By working intuitively, the artist layers materials, images, and dream-like scenarios.

Linda Mitchell has exhibited her paintings extensively with solo exhibitions in numerous museums and galleries nationwide. Her work is represented by Mason Fine Art in Atlanta, Linda Matney Fine Art in Williamsburg, VA and Dogwood Gallery in Tyrone, GA. Her work can be found in numerous museum, corporate and private collections.