Artist Statement

Adana Tillman, a textile artist, and Marryam Moma, a collage artist, join forces in the creation of “Quilts in the Sky.”

This dynamic sculpture, set to grace the Atlanta BeltLine, is not merely a visual spectacle but a vibrant landmark designed to uplift and unify the community. Departing from their conventional mediums, Tillman and Moma infuse their expertise in textiles and analog collage to reimagine a 3D structure rooted in traditional quilt designs and collage assemblage. This ambitious project goes beyond aesthetics, delving into textile fabrication manipulations, seamlessly blending the realms of quilting and collage.

Through this interdisciplinary collaboration, they aim to craft not just a sculpture but a communal experience that transcends artistic boundaries, fostering unity and connection along the Atlanta BeltLine.


Artist Bio

Tanzanian-Nigerian collage artist Marryam Moma intricately reconstructs repurposed archival paper and mixed media to create vibrant narratives, delving into the complexities of the Black experience. She highlights Black bodies, their strength, and their joy while challenging societal perceptions. Moma’s work is a masterful tapestry of multidimensional stories. Her collages grace international corporate collections like Microsoft, Google, and Starbucks. Her global impact extends to TV programs and prestigious magazines. Departing from formal architecture, inspired by the mundane and extraordinary, Moma creates layered analog collages from apparently disparate elements that uplift and empower. Moma has exhibited in the U.S. and abroad, creating works that foster understanding and inclusion.

Adana Tillman, born in Akron, Ohio, now works out of Atlanta as a fiber/textile artist, with a concentration on figurative depictions. She first began her exploration into the art of quilting by the instruction of her mother, who herself began sewing at an early age. Tillman received formal training in the visual arts from elementary through college and supplemented her education with classes and self-direction outside of traditional schooling. Her work primarily focuses on the exploration of the identity and self-expression of her subjects. With the use of various fabrics, she creates intricate quilted textile portraiture works.

Adana was awarded the 2019 Garden Fellowship with TILA Studios in Atlanta. This afforded the opportunity to exhibit during Miami Art Week. She recently completed a residency with Hambidge Creative Arts Center in Rabun Gap, Georgia, in the Summer of 2020. Her work has been acquired by collectors nationally, including The Akron Main Library. Her work bridges the traditional art of quilting into the modern realm with the use of contemporary fabrics and patterns and the exploration of hand-sewn techniques.