Artist Statement

An engaging collection of 12 collaboratively made, inspirational and thought provoking, 8′ x 5″x 5″ beautifully painted posts representing social justice issues and Atlanta based social Justice institutions.


Artist Bio

Lisa Parsons is an art-loving, songwriting, humanitarian and communitarian. Professionally a Family Nurse Practitioner, with a Masters and Specialist degree in Nursing, she focuses on whole person health and how our thoughts, perceptions and environment can move us toward or away from total wellbeing. She is committed to supporting that which supports individuals, families and communities reach their full potential. That’s why she is committed to helping the Beltline continue to blossom with creative expression that heals, resets, opens up, elevates, brings pleasure and joy, connects, unifies, and engages. A cherished goal is to melt “otherness” while celebrating the uniqueness of individual expression through the arts. She has been a social justice advocate and activist for over 40 years and is committed to preparing fertile soil to help people grow through learning opportunities utilizing the arts. She conceptualized the Posts for Peace and Justice Project after seeing Kira’s beautiful garden posts and recognizing the potential for engagement of persons that had never really recognized many of the social justice issues in our own communities and around the world. Since January she has involved the Carter Center, King Center, One Billion Rising, the YWCA, and The National Center for Civil and Human Rights.


Kira’s photographs have been on NBC with President Clinton, HBO with Comic Relief, and on Mr. Rodgers and PBS for 10 years. Her images and stories of her projects have been in the Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union/Tribune, TV Guide and other publications, plus 4 books and 3 nationally traveled exhibitions . She specializes on social justice issues, and works collaboratively with writers, nonprofits and community leaders to improve health, educate the pubic and policy makers, and promote human services and environmental conservation. Recently she was with President Carter and the Human Rights Defenders Forum at the Carter Center. This was broadcasted internationally, with discussion of artists role in promoting human rights pertaining to women and girls. In 2014, her work was in two museums and a state conference on Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience.