Artist Statement

The Paper Ghost Fortune Machine is an interactive portable live drawing booth by Atlanta illustrators Mike Lowery and Sarah Neuburger who draw an illustrated fortune for each guest from within the fortune booth for those who insert a token. It’s a fun art experience and take home gift in one.


Artist Bio

Mike Lower is an artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. Mike’s work has been seen on everything from greeting ¬†cards to children’s books to gallery walls all over the world. He is a Professor of Illustration at SCAD in Atlanta. He lives in an atomic ranch house, surrounded by trees where he likes to draw little animals in party hats and other silly stuff.

Sarah Neuburger is based in Atlanta and received an MFA in Studio Art from the School of Visual Arts. She has illustrated and authored a stationary collection with Chronicle Books, worked with the Guardian, Warby Parker, Quinn and Fox, One Jackson, and big local brands such as Star Provisions and countless individual clients.