Artist Statement

My sculptural installation of whimsical botanical forms will create a fanciful “Oasis” within the contemporary urban environment. The premise is to bring a naturalistic and fanciful atmosphere to the site and its surroundings by creating an inviting and calming environment where the public can interact.


Artist Bio

Jeffry Loy has been an active participant in the Atlanta art scene for the past twenty years. Graduating from the Atlanta College of Art in 1996 with a BFA in Sculpture and Photography and later obtained a MFA from SCAD in 2014, Loy currently works from his studio in The B-Complex, an artist cooperative located in downtown Atlanta.

Loy’s approach to public art is to create sculptural environments that compliment and reflect the natural or man-made context in which they reside. The prominent elements are often hand-forged using traditional blacksmithing techniques to accentuate the naturalistic appearance and texture of the project. He prefers to fabricate with mild steel, stainless steel, brass and copper because these are durable and low-maintenance material, suitable for high-traffic, outdoor public environments.

Combining old-world blacksmithing and modern technology Loy transforms stagnant materials into an evocative, yet dynamic visceral experience for people.
”When I’m working I am always mindful of the history and techniques of blacksmithing while at the same time preserving and adding to its history. Each new sculpture I create makes me want to extend my ideas and technique further than the previous creations,” reflects Loy.