Artist Statement

Imaginary Menagerie Productions presents “Kudzu” the Dragon – The BeltLine’s Guardian Spirit, an explosion of bright colors and dynamic action.The Chinese “year of the Dragon” is upon us, and you are invited to meet Atlanta’s new mythic creature of massive proportions as you spot its intense yellow and red eyes from afar. As the two puppeteers bring life as proxy riders, audiences of all ages will watch and interact with their city’s new chaperon.

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Artist Bio

Started in 2010 between Julia Hill and Brandon Ross, Imaginary Menagerie Productions first took form within Atlanta’s Imperial Opa circus. Building puppets and animals for the circus, The Menagerie took audiences far beyond the average puppetry experience. Using innovative materials and creative engineering, The Menagerie strives to create living, breathing sculptures. As more creatures have been born, the company reaches out to the many talented artists, performers, musicians and puppet people Atlanta has to offer. The Imaginary Menagerie is where puppets and modern art, live together as one.