Artist Statement

Gnomes bring a smile to your face. Their magical presence brings out the child in all of us. They are so small that they may not be noticed at first. If you find one, you may hide him somewhere else, if you so choose. This little game will be encouraged through social networking (facebook/instagram). The artist will periodically post a picture of a hidden gnome, asking if anyone has found him and remind the public at large of this “find and re-hide gnomes” game.


Artist Bio

Erin Wicker was born in Oak Ridge, TN in 1980. She received her Bachelorʼs in Fine Art at The University of Tennessee in 2004. Her work has been exhibited in both Tennessee and Georgia and was on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. In 2006, she set up residence in Atlanta focusing on working primarily in ink and watercolor. Her narrative paintings bring the often overlooked, everyday objects that reside in our cities into a world of imagination. Pigeons turn into ceramic birds, business men transform into mail boxes…Most recently, her focus has been on the power struggle between nature and cityscapes. A single flower grows from what a cracked, damaged sidewalk. Trees mangle themselves to grow around power lines.