Artist Statement

For Brancusi (basics) is part of a larger series of Basics that explore the abstracted notion of form, space, and utility in the public realm. This work is both a sculptural gesture in dialogue with its environment and an interactive spatial installation in the public realm. For Brancusi (basics) follows this series of work in its formal and constructive logic, and its intent for a “non-precious” material approach to temporary public sculpture. The installation pays formal tribute to Constantin Brancusi’s Endless Column.



Artist Bio

Educated as an architect in Germany, Matthias Neumann’s work fluctuates between a wide range of media, with a particular focus on public art and installations in the public sphere. A recurring interest is the détournement of space, material assembly and related processes in ways that allow the audience to appropriate the work and to question notions of material and spatial ecology, negotiating usable versus visual experience of form and space.”