Artist Statement

Soul Food Cypher performed during BeltLine Walls Festival and Family Paint Day on August 4, 2019. The events took place on the interim Northeast Trail under I-85.

Soul Food Cypher explores the folk narrative of the city by utilizing the names, words, and adjectives that echo through Atlanta, and celebrates the people who make this one of the most wonderful cities in the world. This troupe presents this rich history by utilizing some of the most popular segments from their cypher events, “WordPlay” and “Nice Bars.” During WordPlay the emcees (freestyle rap artists) and members of the audience rap freestyle based on images and words they see on screen. For the ‘Nice Bars’ segment, Soul Food Cypher emcees source the crowd and provide compliments, in rhyme, to various audience members. While Freestyle rap is largely associated with battle rap, SFC does the reverse of a battle by providing goodwill and positive energy to the audience and community at large.


Artist Bio

Soul Food Cypher utilizes the power of speech to transform the lives of individuals and their communities. They are an organization that showcases the positive aspects of rap through their cypher events, membership program, and community outreach. Their aim is to provide Atlanta’s lyricist (rappers) community with a safe and nurturing environment where their voice and artistry can grow. In addition, they look to solidify the art of freestyling as a genuine aesthetic to the wider artistic community and carry this rich tradition to the next generation.