Artist Statement

A thirty minute, one-woman circus show geared toward families combining slack-rope, juggling, mask work, dance and puppetry exploring the ways humans and animals interact with green-space and the importance of sharing space with other creatures.

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October 18 @ 4:15 p.m.

October 19 @ 4:00 p.m.


Artist Bio

Esther deMonteflores grew up in the Bay Area where she began her circus arts career at the age of nine in her back yard, developing and implementing a rigorous training regime to master the art of tight-rope walking. After many years as a professional aerialist (performing all over the world from Edinburgh, Scotland to Bogota, Colombia and lots of cities in between) Esther’s love of rope walking has reemerged and she finds herself once again standing on a rope, this time focusing on slack-rope walking. In her recent work, Esther explores the intersection of slack-rope and dance, seeking a balance between technical skill and expressive movement. She is fascinated with the meditative, fluid quality of slack-rope and the inherent dynamic between tension and release that characterizes movement on the rope. She is interested in bringing slack-rope into the world of contemporary circus, developing her individual style of rope walking and unlocking the apparatus’ unique story-telling potential. Esther is currently the artist in residence at the Lookout Arts Center.