Artist Statement

Some of the structures that have been left behind from ancient civilizations rival or even surpass modern construction. A pyramid is a remnant of societies that celebrates the mastery of its architecture, culture and wisdom and is a symbol to the viewer that something significant has occurred here. Something significant did happen here in Atlanta: The Dungeon Family was birthed in this city, shifting the momentum of the hip hop genre from New York to the South by producing artists like Goodie Mob and their multi-talented member Cee-Lo Green, groundbreaking singer/songwriter Joi Gilliam, Backbone, Sleepy Brown and one of the greatest music groups of hip hop history Outkast. This shift deemed Atlanta a cultural beacon for artists of all cultures and genres. It identified Atlanta as fertile ground for the music industry, the movie industry and for many other cultural modes of expression. Scores of artists were drawn to Atlanta because of the impact the Dungeon Family artists had on the creative culture of this country.