Artist Statement

Camaraderie: A BeltLine Box Project aims to connect patrons of the Westside Trail with diverse community organizations who have continued to provide services to the community throughout ongoing the struggles of Covid-19 through a series of narrative outdoor sculptures housed in handmade wooden boxes.

Each box shares the viewpoint of a grassroots or community group who have made it their mission to keep those they serve connected with each other and the community throughout the rampant loneliness and unrest of 2020. While many in our community have remained safely behind closed doors throughout the past year, these organizations have created virtual programming, socially safe gatherings, and created previously unheard-of ways to keep our creative energy afloat or connect those in need with much needed physical resources. This installation shines a light on those who continue to strive for equity and inclusion within our arts community and beyond while providing a safe way to view works of public art. Patrons of this installation may use a smartphone to scan the QR code accompanying each BeltLine Box to learn more about each of our participating organizations. Thank you to our partner organizations: The Bakery, Lifecycle Building Center, re:imagine/ATL, Southern Fried Queer Pride, the Wren’s Nest, Feminist Women’s Health Center, and to Freeside Atlanta for creating BeltLine Boxes for this exhibition.


Artist Bio

Elisabeth Herrera-Very is an Atlanta-based artist and art educator with a decade of experience serving Title-1 students in metro-Atlanta visual arts classrooms. Elisabeth currently works as a programming partner with Atlanta Contemporary creating educational experiences to promote inclusivity and access to contemporary art resources for patrons of all ages. Her artmaking practice focuses on work made to repurpose existing materials in unusual ways. She holds BS in Art Education from Missouri State University and MA in Art Education from Boston University, where she researched the inclusion of social justice issues in early elementary art settings. She is also a member of the Georgia Teaching Artists Registry. Elisabeth is dedicated to providing inclusive art experiences and access to meaningful educational programming for all.