Artist Statement

“Telecommunication has always been hand in hand with the development, planning, and building of railways in the history of the Americas, particularly in and around Atlanta. A positive/negative format of the circuitry established early on started with the telegraph. Think of the dot-dot-dash Morse Code as primitive binary coding that raced along the railways at phenomenal speeds. Although binary coding and wireless communication dominate today’s telecom industry, telephone poles remain a relevant part of our nation’s infrastructure. As silent sentries standing strong, yet unnoticed in our collective oblivion, the poles are visibly invisible. These positive/negative relationships are where I base my concept for my sculptures.”


Artist Bio

“I am a professional artist, one who is well rounded, multi-faceted and disciplined. I am the art director and hands on artist for all projects. I have over 20 years of experience as a sculptor, artist, and designer for various companies specializing in creative solutions. My background in museums is perfectly suited for a wide variety of environments incorporating sculptural elements, artistic treatments and/or mechanical interactive components that engage and educate. I am responsible for all project conceptualization and supervise with a hands on approach in detailing, prototyping, construction, and installation while also ensuring quality and integrity.”