Artist Statement

A commentary on our digital identities and personalities.


Artist Bio

Through his travels to Italy, Israel, Japan, throughout the US and Europe, and his current residence in Berlin, Addison’s overarching theme of people and the spaces they occupy and interact with has taken shape. By focusing on pieces, which work to become part of public space rather than interrupt it, his intent to create regenerative art through murals and other mediums is being actualized. He has achieved this both independently and collaboratively with other contemporary artists and painters, most notably James Boullough. Addison’s recent and current collaborative projects also highlight his more narrowed focus of interconnectedness, “connecting humanity around the world with different cultures from different places,” he wants us to value tiny lines, details, to appreciate a world view and hopefully, start extolling minute details of our own.

Emmanuel Jarus has extensive experience painting murals in different settings and communities around the world, often through the assistance of mural and arts programs like Art on the Atlanta BeltLine. He was trained as a realist painter from a young age and have since adapted ancient drawing and painting techniques to accommodate huge outdoor surfaces. Jarus is inspired by his experiences and observations in life and tries to bring out the beauty he sees composed within the natural world. His murals are usually large scale realistic renditions of my observations and tries to make each one relate to the community it is painted within. His goals as a mural artist are to change the spaces he paints for the better.