Artist Statement

Peterson engages in an artistic practice that builds relationships, examines the nature of cooperation, or takes a second look at what we think we know. In Atlanta’s Giant Music Box, the partnership between a composer and a sculptor creates a kinetic sculpture that the public can activate as the third, and most important, collaborator. By turning a crank to produce the music, participants will not only hear an original composition by OK Cello, but may alter the sound by manipulating levers, remixing the music.



Artist Bio

Allen Peterson received his BFA from Birmingham-Southern college, and his MFA in Sculpture from the University of Minnesota. He has exhibited numerous public art projects internationally. He has been commissioned by several public agencies including Fulton County, Kirkwood Neighborhood Association, and the city of Kebili, Tunisia. Peterson is a practicing sculptor and muralists as well as adjunct professor at Kennesaw State University.