Artist Statement

ATLTVHEAD is a television helmet, connected to the internet, that takes inputs in the from of high fives, snaps, hugs, and an online chatroom. A heart is the image displayed on and manipulated by an online community watching a live video broadcast of the helmet wearer’s surroundings. The piece allows for anyone in the world to connect to the television and share in positive, slightly absurd moments with those walking the Atlanta BeltLine. It is having fun with and engaging those walking the BeltLine in hopes to make everyone’s day a little brighter. A weekly live broadcast from the BeltLine, focusing on a mashup of interactive art and human interaction utilizing wearable technology with a message of positivity! Once a week, Nate will walk the Atlanta BeltLine Trail while broadcasting a cooperative live stream at or the BeltLine’s website! After the stream, a highlight video will be created, documenting the experiences and interactions from that day.


Artist Bio

Armed with LEDs, wrenches, 3D printers, and circuit boards, Nate Damen traces neon paths across Atlanta, blurring together art and tech as his alter ego ATLTVHEAD. His work bridges digital and physical spaces, by creating a two way interface between a global online community and IRL people. Wearing a faux neon internet of things helmet, he adapts the cutting edge of technology to be human focused. Using technology to spread happiness, community, and spontaneous moments meant to make others smile!