Artist Statement

PhaeMonae’s mission with Amplified Bodies is to embody the essence of hip-hop’s emergence through the rhythmic lifecycle of the cicada and amplify untold stories through sculpture, dance, fashion, and soundscapes.

The arc of the performance will highlight four phases: emergence, search for community, expression of Joy through the process of creation, and the culmination of existing as one body for a means of survival.

Like the cicada, the world heard hip-hop for the first time and thought it purposeless noise, but like hip-hop, these sonic sounds can relay an emotional response in our hearts and minds.

The cicada’s kinetic structure serves as a metaphor for “One Body, One Sound.” This artwork is the impetus of hope and unity, as is the birth of hip-hop, a sonic bop to communicate there is freedom in unity.


Artist Bio

PhaeMonae is a movement, wardrobe, and sound engineer who has had a long-standing artistic relationship with Magdalena O’Connor, Lamia Dingle, and Cailan Orn.

Each of the collaborative team members has been working in Atlanta for over a decade. PhaeMonae worked with Magdalena on “Free Noir Papillon” in 2020, Lamia collaborated with T.Lang Dance in 2017, and Cailan worked with Gloatl from 2017-2019.

PhaeMonae is interested in bridging the unique talents possessed by each team member to create beautiful and meaningful artwork that honors both hip-hop and the cicada. They also believe in using mostly reclaimed, recycled, reused materials for the betterment of the planet and as a direct homage to hip-hop turning its rags to riches.

The group places value in having a collaborative creative process where all parts work in relation to each other in order to bring forth bold ideas. Through research and discovery within each collective area of expertise in choreography, sound exploration, wearable art, fashion, puppeteering, welding/fabrication, and body paint, the group hopes to share knowledge and rotate leadership.