2013 Art on the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade

The 2013 Lantern Parade brought over 10,000 participants to the Eastside Trail, marking the beginning of the annual Art on the Atlanta BeltLine exhibition. Photo Credit: Sinan Sinharoy


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Lantern Parade

Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade, sponsored by Atlanta Medical Center

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine officially opens each year with the annual Lantern Parade! Over 20,000 revelers joined us in 2014 - will you join us for the next parade on September 12, 2015?!

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade Every year, Art on the Atlanta BeltLine has celebrated our exhibition with a captivating and energetic Lantern Parade. This event has grown to attract such large crowds that it now officially opens the temporary art exhibition each year on the first Saturday after Labor Day. The glowing procession of light, music, and color carry over the entire length of the Eastside Trail as the parade winds from Irwin Street near Krog Street up to Piedmont Park. Art on the Atlanta BeltLine and the Lantern Parade are free and open to the public. Your participation is the magic of the Lantern Parade. Hold up a light for the Atlanta BeltLine! Check out our Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade gallery!

2014 Lantern Parade

Back for the fifth year in a row, the 2014 Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade took place on Saturday, September 6. Read a recap of this amazing event, and be sure to check out all Art on the Atlanta BeltLine has to offer! Visual and performing art continues through mid-November.

Watch some amazing aerial and time lapse footage below:

The Buzz Around the Lantern Parade

Lauren says: The Beltline lantern parade is the city’s most inspired and fascinating way to bring people of all ages, backgrounds and interests together to celebrate the physical space and path that will connect all our communities in so many different ways.

Karen says: I missed the parade last year but saw photos and thought it was just beautiful. Can’t wait for this year!

Denise Duplinski says: I have attended several of the past lanterns parades – including the one that circled the Old 4th Ward park. I now live just off the East Side Trail and was thrilled to participate and also watch last years HUGE gathering! I love the Belt Line and am looking forward to being able to access all the in town neighborhoods when it’s completed. I moved from suburban Ohio to live in a city that offered a variety of arts and cultural events. I got exactly that by moving to in town Atlanta! I couldn’t be happier to live in the O4W and be a big cheerleader for the BeltLine!

Tony Says: I love the lantern parade because it helps bring people out to enjoy the city and its art in a new “light” :-) Plus it helps promote the belt line! All-in-all, great stuff!

Krista Sorrells says: My little girl just loves going to the lantern parade! She would be over the moon if she won and got to carry the beautiful lantern Chantelle Rytter made. We love the parade because it is so magical seeing all the lanterns and the artistic people!

Kimba says: I love parades and the beautiful glow of lanterns – what is not to love? Can’t wait to bring my children and husband along to see the sights.

Rachel says: I’ve been on a one woman mission to get all my friends to make lanterns and join me this year go the parade. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could give mine to a friend that ran out of time & couldn’t make one while still having one myself? Also, I can’t WAIT to bring my in laws this weekend to see the new art! (Our friend Rthan from SCAD has some work going up). Good luck to whomever the lucky winner is! This year’s parade is gonna be overwhelming with so many people & lanterns!

Julia says: It’s always wonderful to see the light breaking through in the sky! That’s why!

Jim Holycross says: Went to the parade last year and had the best time nice to be outside and see the art in the night. And the lantern looks great :)

Heather says: We love watching the dancing lights of the lantern parade! Its a magical experience of art, hope and neighborly love!

Bev says: Just found out about the Lantern Parade and would love to have a beautiful lantern to be able to participate in this great event with my family.

Andy says: My favorite event of last year! Can’t wait for this year!

Eileen Mross says: Personally I have not been able to attend the lantern parade but I “live” the experience through pictures online. The representation of all of that beautiful light brought to the dark of night reminds me of the beauty of “seeing” something at last after the darkness of neglect, indifference or ignorance.

Join the Discussion

  1. Kara says:

    When is the actual lantern parade in 2014? Can’t find the date on the website.

  2. Nick Jones says:

    Terrific event. Great preparation. So when & where’s the bloomin’ parade? Thanx!

  3. Vincent Murphy says:

    Beltline and Lantern Parade make me proud of Atlanta.GREAT COMMUNITY. Support!

  4. D-Bo says:

    I will be there w/ bells & whistles on. It’ll be my first time. Super excited!!!

  5. cleo says:

    2nd year I heard all about it, 3rd year I watched from the sidelines. Last year me and a friend signed up for the lantern workshops and marched with our little stars. This year we’ve spent weeks now on building our huge home-made lanterns and getting ready for the event.

  6. Brooke Ritchie Dougherty says:

    I had so much fun last year. This year my daughter will be with me! Very excited!!

  7. Tonya P says:

    Are leashed dogs permitted?

  8. I will love to do it again this year. This time with a lantern.

  9. mamawendo says:

    is there a date set for the 2015 lantern parade? do not want to miss this again!

    • Jenny Pittam says:

      The Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade will always be the first Saturday after Labor Day! It will move to different parts of the Atlanta BeltLine as they open up.

  10. Mike Jones says:

    How does one find out more about participating in the parade?

    • Jenny Pittam says:

      Hi Mike,
      You can stay tuned to art.beltline.org/lantern-parade for details as we get closer to the event, but mark your calendar for September 12, 2015 (the parade is always the first Saturday after Labor Day). It begins at dusk and all you have to do is show up – with an illuminated object of some kind, of course! We look forward to seeing you there!

  11. K girl says:

    Do people wear costumes? Where do you get a lantern??

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History of the Lantern Parade

While lantern parades have wound through city streets and waterways around the globe for centuries, the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade debuted on the Atlanta art scene in 2010. This annual event is graciously hosted by the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons and, in 2012, grew to embrace 1,200 participants and tailgaters along the parade route. By 2014, the parade had more than 20,000 – yes, 20,000! – paraders and spectators come out for the fun.

The Lantern Parade is a beautiful illustration of how the brilliance of individuals can illuminate a community.

Chantelle Rytter, Captain of the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons

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