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We Can’t Cop Cars Without Seeing Cop Cars

Artist: Dr. Fahamu Pecou

We Can’t Cop Cars Without Seeing Cop Cars is a site-specific installation by artist and scholar Dr. Fahamu Pecou. On display on the Eastside Trail from January-June 2020, the installation was designed to feature a short film by the same title within a modified Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor. The premiere of “We Can’t Cop Cars Without Seeing Cop Cars” will be live streamed on Zoom, followed by an artist talk.

Crown Victoria Interceptors are a popular vehicle used in police forces across the country. When decommissioned, they are repurposed and sold at auto auctions, often purchased by Black men in urban communities. The irony of the Crown Victoria being a popular car amongst Black men can’t be overstated, but the silhouette of the vehicle continues to have a visceral affect.

The project explores the notion of Black leisure by highlighting spaces where Black men can experience freedom, autonomy, and joy. Few representations of Black life depict these images or even considers these as valid experiences. We Can’t Cop… uses cars as an allegorical as well as a literal suggestion of movement and escapism from the stresses and traumas of the world. From fear, to triumph, to joy and back to reality, the short film uses the aesthetics of magical realism to give viewers a momentary glimpse into the complex emotional landscape of Black male masculinity.

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Journey of a Black Girl

Artist: Courtney Brooks, Curator-in-Residence

Journey of a Black Girl (JOABG) is a public art exhibition presented by Atlanta Beltline’s Curator-in-Residence, Courtney Brooks, in partnership with Art on the Atlanta BeltLine. Journey of a Black Girl is a curatorial narrative that visually shares the beautiful struggle from adolescence to womanhood from a black woman creative’s point of view, presenting various installations from multi-disciplinary artists of the African diaspora. As women, we are forever growing, evolving, adjusting and reinventing ourselves. Through JOABG, Courtney seeks to explore the authentic space of the transitions, what influences identity, the relationship with self, and how to love yourself unapologetically. In addition, JOABG focuses on the importance of sisterhood and how it shapes our relationships with peers and the women we look up too; it inspires engagement with the community in multifaceted works of public art, representing our culture responsibly, through experimentation of contemporary works of art in hair, fashion, performance, film and visual installations.

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Nommo: The Power of Spoken Word – West Africa to the West End

Artists: Mausiki Scales, Common Ground Collective and Local Wordsmiths of the West End

Mausiki Scales and the Common Ground Collective and local Wordsmiths of the West End seek to bring Storytelling, Poetry and Live Jazz to Atlanta online. Nommo will engage attendees in an immersive experience of poetry, storytelling and testifying centered on the rich history of African and Africans in America, specifically highlighting the history and culture of Atlanta’s West End. Invoking music and poetry in the tradition of the Black Arts Movement ranging from 60s ensembles and poets like The Last Poets, Haki Madhubuti, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Amiri Baraka to more recent artists, like Outkast, Jessica Care-Moore and Kendrick Lamar, Nommo will feature local talent such as Sherry J. Williams, Opal Moore, Aziza Afi, Kenneth Zakee, Corey Cokes, Felton Eady and other members of the collective Poetry Kitchen.

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Friends and Neighbors “Atlanta Stay Light” Day Fest

Artist: Arbitrary Living

In collaboration with Art on the Atlanta BeltLine, Arbitrary Living presents Friends and Neighbors event series. Friends and Neighbors is a mini boutique festival and day party celebrating southern hospitality, public art and creative commerce. This online festival will include laughing yoga, chakra aligning comedians, DJs, tarot, mental health convos and a hilarious host.

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Sister Sai Live from the BeltLine

Artist: Saira Raza

Saira Raza is a musician and multi-disciplinary artist in Atlanta, GA. Her work displays a wide range of musical influences including jazz, folk, electronic, and classical. In her recordings, Saira employs any and all instruments within reach including vibraphone, guitar, bass, found sounds, synths, but she primarily performs with her first love, the cello. She recently released a new project Extempore, which reflects the experimental loop-based style of her live solo sets. Her work has been highlighted in many local publications yearly “best album” lists over the years including Creative Loafing (“best Atlanta records” lists for 2014, 2016) and Immersive Atlanta (“best Atlanta songs/records” lists for 2016, 2017). In 2016, she participated in Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp at Bonnaroo alongside 19 other U.S. based emerging music artists.

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