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The Endeavor

Artist: Jessica Caldas, Artist-in-Residence

As a part of the Art on the BeltLine Artist-in-Residence, The Endeavor and her three children – Atalanta, Astarte, and Inanna were created by their maker/mother, Jessica Caldas. They will gather in person to celebrate her life and spirit on the Atlanta Beltline on June 1st, June 15th, and June 29th beginning with a procession from the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership Center on the Eastside Trail at 5:30 p.m. to her place of rest near the Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark. Each celebration shall end around sunset.

All are invited to join.

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Historic Preservation as Advocacy

Artist: Nedra Deadwyler, Scholar-in-Residence

Nedra collected information using digital archives and interviews with several individuals in order to engage cultural memory at seven locations around the Atlanta BeltLine. Discussions ranged from tree canopies to food systems, included historical and personal events, and then grounded them to place. Nedra recognizes the profound need to preserve people, culture, and place in order to maintain places that inspire and maintain authenticity. Nedra will host a community activation pertaining to her research in addition to presenting her year-long research.


Artist: Full Radius Dance

Full Radius Dance rehearsal in Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark.
Full Radius Dance rehearsal in Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark.

Full Radius Dance will debut a video of their performance “Restructure” via Zoom followed by an artist talk. The performance is a series of interconnecting dance solos, duets, and trios exploring of what it emotionally and physically means to come out of hibernation, of isolation. Rediscovering the natural world and resuming contact with others of your species.

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Artist: Liquid Sky

Liquid Sky. Photo by JC Barger.
Liquid Sky. Photo by JC Barger.

Liquid Sky will debut a video of their performance via Zoom followed by an artist talk. This season, Liquid Sky will launch an array of live digital activations in collaboration with Art on the Atlanta BeltLine. Their goal is to break barriers, to take your breath away, and make moments that you will never forget. This season’s offerings will include a blend of live installations and virtual streaming showcases as socially distanced artists appear on the paths of the BeltLine throughout the year and live stream their performances via social media. Footage from these acts will also be featured in specially curated digital events during the season.

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Panel Discussion with Muralists from BeltLine Walls, Vol. 3

Artists: Jenevieve Reid, HENSE, Ricardo Moody, ARRRTADDICT, and Brandon Sadler.

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Panel discussion with featured sculptors from BeltLine Spaces 2020-2021

Artists: Grace Kisa and Ellex Swavoni

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June 1st - June 30th

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