Artist Statement

Zoroaster and Tumbleweed is an original piece developed exclusively for the Atlanta Beltline, with its roots in Staib’s most recent evening-length work, “attic.” This work is an examination of the Persian New Year Celebration of Nowruz –  the piece belongs outside, in nature, as it is devoted to the sun and the equinox.

September  19 @  6:00 p.m

September  20 @  7:00 p.m


Artist Bio

Staibdance has made an indelible mark on contemporary dance both locally and abroad since its founding in 2007. Staib’s work has been described as “magnetic, tense, and euphoric” and the dancers described as “highly technical with a mastery of an extensive movement vocabulary.” Above all, Staibdance is committed to the art and act of dancing, to exploration of mood, nuance, music and sincere movement. We hope to create, teach and present contemporary dance that is as accessible as it is thought-provoking.