Artist Statement

Brutto has choreographed a dual-sensory live performance in which the visual responds to the auditory. While the nine piece band, Faun and a Pan Flute performs a set, Brutto will splatter, splash, and otherwise fill three four foot by eight foot surfaces arranged in a semi-circle around the band with paint. Each instrument is assigned a color and a handling (this includes the tool used to apply the paint). The color/instrument combinations will be introduced at the beginning of the set to lay the foundation for a synesthetic trip into the union of sound and sight. The painting will develop in real time with and in reaction to the sounds being performed by the musicians. The resulting painted structure will remain as a temporary visual artifact of the audial event.

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September 21 @ 6:30 p.m.


Artist Bio

Danielle Brutto is a mostly painter, but lots-of-things maker, based right here in Atlanta. She attended Parsons the New School for Design where she received a BFA in Fine Arts. Her work is gestural and deals mostly with the physicality of paint and the action of painting. While she works mostly at home on built panel surfaces, she has also ventured out to do a few murals in Florida and South Carolina.

Faun and a Pan Flute is a musical act that transcends any one definition. They describe themselves as “an experiment of intention; deliberate, thoughtful, honest, visceral.” The group consists of nine members: Chris Child (marimba), Daniel Bailey (bass), Ben Shirley (cello), Peter Webb (sax), Julian Hinshaw (tuba), Adam Baber (guitar), David Gray (guitar), John Gregg (percussion), and Daniel Betts (percussion).