Artist Statement

We Are All Thriving With HIV! is a mural project curated by Living Walls as part of the CDC’s national campaign, Start Talking. Stop HIV. This mural is the result of a series of listening sessions , panel discussions and public events curated by different community arts, HIV/AIDS scholars, doctors, activists and LGBTQ+ organizations on the topic of HIV/AIDS. The mural concept and design were created by five local queer artists of color: Ajmal Millar, Ash Walsh, John Burnett, Lisette Correa and Maite Nazario.

We Are All Thriving with HIV! is an attempt to break away the stigma that HIV still holds. Filled with vibrant colors and love, we have created a piece to remind everyone that you can still live a life filled with happiness despite your access, status or orientation. HIV impacts everyone: queer, straight, young and old, this mural is for you. This is a celebration of our queer ancestors, HIV pioneers, the ballrooms, the Kiki scenes, and all the spaces that provided us a safe place to build confidence and to those who continue to help pave the way in our community.

[Part of the Start Talking. Stop HIV campaign.]


Artist Bio

We would like to thank our Community Partners: Southern Fried Queer Pride, Morph, Wussy Mag, La Choloteca, The High Museum, Community Estrella, 7 Stages, Phillip Rush Center, SHI, Southerners on New Grounds, SisteLlove Inc, Sister Louisa’s Church, Counter Narrative Project, Thrive SS, Out Front Theater, Southern Unity Movement, Abundant Luuv, Georgia Equality, and LaGender Inc.