Artist Statement

Our design is a multi-use Pavilion that organically ties itself to the environment with an aluminum frame and interwoven cable wire for the overall structure. The frame withstands the compression of gravity and looks to preserve the industrial heritage of such a unique place as The Beltline. The cable wires undergo the tension of suspension and act as a canopy. They provide shade while also creating a visual buffer that invites both active and passive users to enjoy the space created underneath. This piece accentuates the vibrant mixture of communities that the corridor holds. The frame is composed of four triangular entrances that create direct relationships between the surrounding spaces. They emulate the connections between communities created by the Beltline while also establishing a less formal relationship between the neighborhood and the event space itself.

Below the light structure, there are high-density foam benches covered with layers of fiberglass. They represent a playful and interactive part of the project, and are meant to be moved into different configurations. The form of the benches gives a sense of unity – as they originate from a single cube. The process of interacting with the benches encourages collaboration with other people.

The materials are industrial elements, but the weaving and connections are delicate – making a statement of unity between opposites. People of different demographics and backgrounds can interact within the space.


Artist Bio

-Rebecca Churio Queipo • WIA Vice President of Graduate Students
Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. She was awarded first place in the government-sponsored competition “Urban Ideas for the City”, won three school competitions in the categories of Design, Uses of the Space and Non-Technical Cooling Systems. Her undergraduate thesis was exhibited and published in the nationwide “Expo-construction and Dwelling” as well as in the US-based blog “iArchitecture”. After graduating, she moved to Atlanta, GA where she worked for over a year. She then entered the Master of Architecture program at Georgia Tech. She was a guest speaker at the 2016 Venice Biennale in the Responsive Architecture Symposium, won Honorable Mention in the Portman Prize Competition.
-Jessica Tolbert • WIA Vice President of Undergraduate Students
Jessica is in her 3rd Year of Undergraduate study in Architecture at the College of Design. In addition to being a returning member of the WIA Executive Board, she plays for the Georgia Tech Women’s Water Polo Team, is involved with Georgia Tech’s Greek Life, serving as a Pi Chi in fall of 2016, and works closely with GT’s Relay for Life.
Ghazaleh Coulter • WIA President
Born in ancient Mashhad, Iran (Persia). Just two years after her arrival in the United States – she was accepted into a Magnet School for the Arts. During her time at the Magnet School and through college she had the honors of entering/winning local art competitions and seeing her work published in various periodicals. Her Femina collection is a series of oil on canvas, her work characterizes a new genre of oil painting – the emotion of expressionism, the clarity of realism, and the intellectualism of modern art in perfect harmony. The capture of movement and story are characteristic of her unique talent. She is now in her third year of Masters of Architecture Graduate school at Georgia Tech.