Artist Statement

Urban rhythms is a series of free music workshops that will be held in the city of Atlanta every. Participants ages 9 and up will learn to make music with everyday found objects such as cans, brooms, basketballs, buckets, a box of matches, or a plunger. Participants will learn about rhythm notation, music dynamics, and the art of playing in an ensemble. The rehearsals will culminate in two performances for 2013 Art on the Atlanta BeltLine.


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September 28

October 12


Artist Bio

Santiago Páramo is an art driven individual with a special interest in music composition and performance art pieces. He has lived in Atlanta for 5 years, and in that time has worked with other artists to create a wide range of art expressions such as: sound installations, dance performances, sculptures, paintings, live music, and many other art forms. His history includes an integral role in a music ensemble in Bogotá, Colombia (TEKEYÉ) which performed music using ordinary found objects as instruments. He has worked as a professional DJ for over 10 years, and has also composed various original music pieces for web based TV shows, art organizations, video presentations, and for the public in the form of music albums.