Artist Statement

This series of single comic-strip, Looney Tunes-style panels retells the legend of Sisyphus, endlessly rolling his boulder up a hill. Fun and irreverent, Sisyphus uses Acme Boulder-B-Gone, or tries to utilize a catapult to launch the boulder to the top of the hill. Every effort ends in a pratfall. The theme woven into this narrative is the lure of the immovable object, the way we fixate on things that we cannot change. Designed with one exit point that allows the story to be read as if Sisyphus learns and decides to give up on the boulder, leaving it for good.



Artist Bio

Van Jensen is a comic book writer and filmmaker who has worked on titles including The Flash, Green Lantern Corps and James Bond: Casino Royale. His creator-owned books include Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer, Cryptocracy and the upcoming Two Dead from Simon & Schuster. As an artist, Van has produced mini-comics and drawn cover illustrations. As a filmmaker, he has written and directed short films and music videos. He recently sold a TV series to Sony Studios. In 2016, he served as a Comic Book Ambassador with the U.S. State Department. He and his family live in Atlanta.

Wilfredo Torres is an acclaimed comic book artist and fine art illustrator who has worked on numerous titles including Black Panther, Suicide Squad, The Shadow: Year One, Moon Knight, Flash Gordon and many others. He lives in Decatur.