Unlock Your ATL is an interactive free-art scavenger-hunt, accessible to all people. This project centers around 100 small pieces of Atlanta-themed art. These pieces will be locked to a fence along the BeltLine trails and matching keys hidden on or near other BeltLine features. Trail-goers are invited to find a key, unlock the art, and take it home with them. The goal of this project is to encourage people to explore areas of the BeltLine they would otherwise not and to create a sense of ownership and involvement with the city of Atlanta.

“Duncan Shirah is a sculptor specializing in functional and interactive art. He works with industrial processes and materials to create forms that favor simplicity and utility. These sculptures often incorporate a natural or social concept that gives the object meaning beyond its aesthetics and function. Duncan was born and raised in Atlanta, GA where he received a formal fine arts education and found work in the foundry and film industry. He also helped start MASS Collective, a community workshop that provides tools, education, and workspace to creative people across disciplines. Duncan continues to work with local arts organizations and strives to develop interactive projects that inspire curiosity, play, and relate to our sense of place in the natural world.”