Artist Statement

The tale of two travelers stranded on a desolate highway after an accident has disabled their vehicle. Sally tries to hang onto the hope that she will escape the highway she has landed beside. Frustrating her hopes considerably are the ramblings and repeated power naps of her concussed boyfriend, Tarry. When a third character enters the scene, the plot takes an interesting twist. A “wrecked vehicle” is part of the set design for “Thunder Road” and is an important plot element.


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September 8

October 13


Artist Bio

Kris Pilcher lives and works in Atlanta. Recent exhibitions include 75 Blue Doors, Seethrough, and The Imaginary Million, among many others. Jon Wierenga’s theater experience includes The Drowsy Chaperone, Unnecessary Monsters, and Terror on the Trail, among many others. Jon has on-camera experience as the lead role in Complex, Neon Lights, and Love Muffin. He has also assisted in directing, writing, and producing several productions. Joel King has professional theater experience in King Lear, All’s Well That Ends Well, and Henry IV, Part 1, among many others. He has been involved in many performances at Michigan State University and William Carey University.