Artist Statement

“Thrive” is about the resilience and power of community working together to create positive growth in its neighborhood and city. Atlanta is bright and vibrant, full of diversity and culture, making it beautiful in so many ways. Through the use of lines, Ricardo represents individuals and community, with birds representing the 45 neighborhoods in which the Atlanta BeltLine passes through and the creative outflow that has contributed to its thriving.


Artist Bio

Ricardo Moody resides in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where he teaches art and art appreciation to Junior High and High School students all while balancing his own art practice. When he’s not painting with acrylic on canvas or wood panels, he is using outdoor walls and paintbrushes to create inspiring public art. Ricardo is passionate about using bright, contrasting colors as well as representational elements to create impactful subject matter that piggy backs on current conversations within a community. In addition to creating murals around the Southeast United States, Ricardo has also created murals for The Atlanta BeltLine in Atlanta, Georgia in 2018, and The Fertile Ground Project in Jackson, Mississippi in 2020.