This sculpture comes from a specific time in my life. I was faced with some very real decisions that would change my life forever. The best description I could come up with to explain my feelings was facing a large wall that I could not go around, over, or under. All that was left was to go straight through. I would stand pressed against it and let my body burn a hole right through. Once on the other side, the time spent in the wall felt like a small moment in time compared to the rest of my life and I knew that I could do it again if needed. This metaphore allowed me to look at this moment marked on the timeline of my life and see strength and beauty. I had to make more.

I was born in Jackson, MS and lived there until my second year in college. I moved to Hattiesburg to attend the University of Southern Mississippi. Upon completing my B.F.A in Sculpture I moved to Greenville, NC to attain my Masters Degree in Sculpture at East Carolina University. I moved back to Hattiesburg to work at U.S.M. as the shop technician for the sculpture and ceramics dept. I was offered to teach some adjunct classes which soon turned into a full time position as an instructor. I have since moved to Carrolton, Ga where I am the studio technician and instructor for the Department of Art at the University of West Georgia.
I have continued to make and show work through the years after reciveing my M.F.A. I traveled to Costa Rica in 2013 for the Stone, Wood, Iron Sculpture Syposium where I completed a monumental sized stainless steel piece. In 2014 I was asked to show ten steel sculptures in a two person show during the Festival South in Hattiesburg, Ms. In 2016 I was commissioned to build a monumental sized stainless steel piece for the city of Kenner, Lousiana. In 2017, one of my largescaled sculptures was purchased by the city of Decatur, Georgia and another by a private collector in Cleveland, Mississippi.