Artist Statement

This body of work is centered around the idea of “Home” and prompts viewers to examine their own connection to home, from their childhood and adolescence moving into adulthood.

The series delves into the trauma around home, experiences moving, and redefining what the word “home” means.

It focuses on the exploration of reclaimed materials to build these structures, further emphasizing the idea that anything can be home.


Artist Bio

Gabi Madrid is a multi-disciplinary artist, mystic, and intuitive healer based in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Having Muscogee Creek heritage but being raised outside of the tribe in the deep South created a cultural diaspora for Madrid, which has led to a constant search for connection to tradition and spirituality. Through an ongoing existential journey, the artist has begun to explore healing modalities of generational patterning, societal roles, and the collective unconscious. An introspective search into their own past and trauma led to the emergence of various series in their artistic practice.

Madrid graduated in 2019 from The Savannah College of Art & Design with a BFA in Sculpture. The mediums they work with range from new media installation, found objects, paper and book arts, as well as reclaimed materials such as wood and metal. Their work has been exhibited internationally and showcased their public art in the Southeast region of the United States.

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Eastside Trail by Atlanta Bicycle Barn