Artist Statement

Fuel is a sculptural installation that takes a stylized form of the familiar gas station pavilion and re-purposes it as a shelter for rest along the Beltline. Two triangular piers hold a sloped roof providing shelter from sun and rain. Underneath, a collection of railroad tie-like lumber atop crushed granite.

The pavilion is a familiar symbol, reinforced by a colored “branding” stripe and the bold word “FUEL” in place of a logotype. Evoking thoughts about the automobile’s dependence on gasoline and our local and national over-dependence on motorway transportation, the pavilion is noticeably devoid of the usual gas pumps; instead, wood beams are laid in a loose pattern on a crushed gravel ballast, mimicking railroad ties. The “ties”*, a nod to the Beltline’s history and future, are laid in a loose pattern and create a flexible space for relaxing and play.

In addition to its day-to-day function, the shelter’s shape lends itself to a small performance stage, offering some shelter for performers and equipment, and a place for lighting equipment to be attached if electricity is available.

*Railroad “ties” are to be made of untreated wood beams as virtually all recycled wood ties are treated with a toxic creosote compound.


Artist Bio

Wesley Forlines is one-half of FormFunc, crafting graphics and developing ideas. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts where he earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatrical Design and Production. There he designed various theatrical productions and worked with the Winston-Salem Light Project. In 2013 he co-designed an outdoor lighting installation for the River Run International Film Festival with WSLP and in 2014, a mile and a half long interactive installation titled Artery. Since graduating, he’s held a project management internship with Electronic Theatre Controls and served in various capacities at theatres around the state. Currently, Wesley teaches design and theatre production at The Lovett School and serves on their STEAM integration committee.
DB Woolbright is one-half of FormFunc where he crafts graphics, develops ideas and works with music, audio, and video. He studied theatre at Columbus State University where trained in the Meisner Technique and worked at the university scene shop. Since then he has worked as a guest artist at Rose of Athens Theatre where he taught classes, organized events, and composed music and sound design for various productions. He’s also toured the country as a band member for Wright Deal Productions while serving as a stagehand and audio engineer for them. DB brings a unique and diverse set of skills to the partnership; drawing on the pragmatic and resourceful nature of theatre.
Laura Forlines graduated with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2015. She currently works as a logistics data analyst at The Home Depot with a background of experience in IT project management and LEAN process improvement. She breaks the left-brained mold of engineering by looking at data and technology through a lens of visual design, presenting information in a clear and thoughtful way. She uses her unique perspective to keep FormFunc organized and in line.