Artist Statement

The Rail Line Photo Album is a piece using sepia photographs of various areas of the rail line dating back from 1905 to 1965. Lionel will paint the images from these photographs, live and in color. The photographs will show the historic rail lines, buildings, landscapes, and people, and will come from members of the communities through which the Beltline passes. The intention of his performance is to inspire others to focus on their gifts, talents, and dreams. Using sepia photographs in his photo expressionist paintings, he focuses on people, color, and expressing the ambiance of the photo while still creating a mood of remembrance and tribute.


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September 21

September 22

September 28

September 29

October 12



Artist Bio

Lionel Daniels is painter and performer from Decatur, GA. He graduated from Morehouse College Phi Beta Kappa Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Studio Art in 2011. Lionel uses finger-painting in his performances as well as in his photo expressionist paintings. In his performance work, Lionel paints, dances to music, acts, and interacts with the audience. Lionel has performed at numerous events in the Atlanta University Center, many schools and churches in metro Atlanta, Alabama and Louisiana, and several festivals including the National Black Arts Festival (2012) and Sweet Auburn Fest (2012). He recently exhibited work at the Roswell Cultural Art Center and was recognized by the state of Georgia Legislature in Resolution 772.