Artist Statement

Please take a moment to look up at the sky. Take a deep breath. The kinetic sculpture The Net is intended as a positive interruption in your experience. It is an invitation from me to you, to contemplate the infinite spectrum of things in motion around you. We are living on the line between obliteration and creation. Like a shoreline; the boundaries are impermanent and codependent. Consider your place in this give and take. Like fish in water, there is nowhere else for us to go.



Artist Bio

Julia Hill was born in New Orleans, LA. She studied sculpture at Tulane University and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. Julia’s studio practice incorporates many different genres, including performance, installation, puppetry, metal fabrication, carpentry, ceramics, drawing, and painting. Her largescale puppets have been performed at The High Museum, The World of Coca-Cola, The Atlanta Zoo, The Hambidge Center, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and numerous regional parades and festivals. In addition to her studio pursuits, Julia Hill works as an art consultant and director, designing and constructing physical components for other artists and productions. She enjoys collaboration and has a passion for facilitating artistic visions. Through all endeavors, her goal is exploring and expanding creativity with humans of all ages. Julia Hill lives in Atlanta, GA.