Artist Statement

The Georgia FENCE is a curated photography exhibit of 10 Georgia-based artists. Winning photographs are displayed on a 250’ vinyl banner printed in 13’ long sections that will be attached (via zip ties) to fencing or a similar substrate. It features the photography of Nick Gruenberg, Fernando Decillis, Michael Reese, Paige McFall, Andrew Feiler, Kelly Kline, Dorothy O’Connor, Casey Lance Brown, Patrick Heagney and Blake Burton.

Inspiration for the Georgia FENCE came from ACP’s participation in the International FENCE project. In addition to displaying photographs of only GA Photographers; in 2016 the GA FENCE travelled to Savannah, Gainesville, Columbus and Thomasville. These two things make it uniquely different than our International FENCE project that has been exhibited on the BeltLine’s Eastside trail. The GA FENCE will make its final stop here in Atlanta – we hope, along the West side trail.

The Georgia FENCE gives us an opportunity to share these powerful photographic narratives with a diverse audience of perhaps thousands of visitors, while providing photographers with a truly public platform, exposure for their work and unexpected career opportunities. Photographers of all levels were invited to submit work that fits under one or more of our 6 thematic categories: Home, Streets, People, Creatures, Nature, and Play.

ACP’s acclaimed public art program typically features temporary projects in a variety of diverse locations throughout Atlanta. Just like the Art


Artist Bio

Amy Miller has been Executive Director of Atlanta Celebrates Photography for the past 9 years. Ms. Miller graduated with a BFA from University of Georgia and then moved to New York to obtain her MFA in photography from Pratt Institute. After receiving her MFA, Amy moved to Atlanta and worked as Gallery Director for Fay Gold Gallery, a position she held for seven years. Amy began her career as Executive Director of Atlanta Celebrates Photography in 2007.

Founded in 1998, Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP) aims to make Atlanta a leading center for the world’s fastest growing art form. Primarily, by producing the largest annual community-oriented photo festival in the United States, we provide experiences that engage and educate diverse audiences through lens-based media.

ACP worked on this project with United Photo Industries of NY. United Photo Industries, a NY-based art-presenting organization, brings the photographic community together by presenting photography installations and events in unique locations off-the beaten path where the focus lies in content and is accessible to everyday people from all walks of life.

Launched in 2011 by Sam Barzilay, Dave Shelley, and Laura Roumanos, United Photo Industries has rapidly solidified its position in the public art landscape by consistently showcasing thought-provoking, challenging, and exceptional photography from across the globe.