Artist Statement

The Art of Reconciliation is a collaborative and community-based project that took place during the summer of 2015 with over 200 individuals contributing. For 12 weeks participants helped to find discarded objects on the streets of Atlanta whereupon they were affixed onto metal frames thus revitalizing the wreckage. People from all facets of life were brought together around purposeful, creative connection. This sculpture stands as a monument to remembering the worth and dignity of all people.

This piece was displayed on the Eastside Trail under Freedom Parkway in 2015.


Artist Bio

Massey has been creating in the city of Atlanta since 2013. He specializes in bringing together broken, discarded things to form a new whole. William believes in dignifying anything and anyone whose worth has ever been questioned (that’s all of us). That’s why he is fervent about creating artwork for and with community; striving to give people access to the generative, restorative process of creativity.