Artist Statement

An incitement and a proposition, Lotus Eaters Club suggests a possible future while the present
is in full view. This projects seeks to explore the ways in which augmented reality technology
can expand the avenues in which we experience art.
Augmented reality alters how we understand images, places, and objects while leaving the
physical things untouched. This suggestion of an unexplored universe creates a sense of
mystery and invites people to examine a space with new eyes. Lotus-eaters, creatures of
whimsy and dream, populate this alternate reality and tempt our curiosity.


Artist Bio

Rod Ben is a local illustrator and designer.

Chris Alvarez is a local animator originally from Spain.

Jennifer Garcia is a software engineer for Floyd County Productions.

Courtney Hicks is a local Atlanta artist.

Mario Daniel is an Atlanta-native cartoonist, woodcarver, and muralist.