Artist Statement

9 life-size, 3-dimensional wooden human figures per side, intrigued passerby at center sits recumbent and pedals, the flywheel turns, gentle swaying of arms and legs ensues in the figures. The further a figure is into the earth the more constrained the movement. Figures are genderless and mannequin-like and constructed with joints like marionettes, but anchored in line to train rail. All figures are solid wood, oiled deeply to resist weather.


Artist Bio

Wade Tilton W(,)

I’ve been doing Art on the Atlanta Beltline for four years and hope to continue the work. Besides working with the Beltline I do small popup shows around the Atlanta
area. Largest show was “This Darker Life” which was performed at the Goat Farm. I’ve been in the arts for twenty years and an Atlanta native.

S. Bedford

Artist and designer for Hot Shit Theater! Company, as well as the designer and construction hand for Dad’s Garage Theater. Bedford is a mysterious enigma around the Atlanta art scene. His serial show “Fearsome Head” has been an artistic highlight and performed at the Big House.