Artist Statement

Immerse yourself in the healing sound waves created by Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir. The compositions created by director Candace Keach produce a unique experience of deep relaxation. STOP, LOOK and LISTEN is the theme both to honor the train tracks and to encourage people to slow down and relax! Players sound crystal bowls specific to nature’s pleasing ratios of harmony for people to enjoy up close. The bowls create a visually stunning installation and their haunting sound beckons the curious passerby to linger.

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Artist Bio

Created as interdisciplinary works of performance art, “Spiral of Sound” repertoire blends sound, visual, cultural, archetypal and spiritual elements to produce innovative meditation concerts that uplift heart, mind and body. The Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir performed for Art on the Atlanta BeltLine in 2011.

Candace Keach is the creator/director of the Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir. Keach is a classical flutist who has always been intrigued by the magic of music. Her formal studies were completed at the University of Georgia and at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.