Artist Statement

The sculptures allude to an evolutionary process that we all share in our human experience. Striving for visual balance and implying energy in compositional organization has become an evolutionary process that Katz associates with the evolution of life and experiences that we all commonly share. These ideas and concepts are what separate the work from the historical and industrial influences from which the artist draws connections. The active forms that are brought together represent the flux of life, and embrace transformative concepts such as evolution, metamorphosis and transcendence.


Artist Bio

Ray Katz was born and raised in Detroit Michigan where he attended Mumford High School. Immediately after high school he served four years in the United States Air Force where he became interested in art. Upon returning from the military he attended Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts and Eastern Michigan University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts. He continued his education at Wayne State University where he received his Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and drawing. Currently he is a Professor of Art at the Auburn Hills, Michigan, campus of Oakland Community College where he teaches sculpture, drawing and design.