Artist Statement

The Atlanta BeltLine and Pittsburgh Yards models will be admired for generations to come; around the world. Going further than any other rails to trails, innovation / entrepreneurial hub has gone before, it is leading edge and reaches immersion with regards to community focus. I am inspired by the history of the founding struggles, the one step forward, sometimes many steps back, yet trying again and again.

Concept for Artwork:
Star Creation Growth: little stars become BIG STARS Recycle & Repeat
Jump STARt Mentorship Leadership Experience
A launching pad that also serves as a landing pad. Where the stars are formed, shaped, mentored, educated, and importantly nurtured towards success. This process is built on and dependent upon the historical stars that shined first. Inspiring our youth is essential to continued success and improvement. Then they return, and become the new mentors. The abutment supports of the sculptural archway start with large star shapes, strong and extending upward. The focal point narrows and the next generation of stars are formed (along the arch ring). Then the newly formed stars expand, grow, and succeed (at the crown). At their maximum potential, each star returns to build the community. It is an interactive, colloquium, journey, with purpose, that becomes a purposeful lifecycle.


Artist Bio

Mark grew up as a welder in the Midwest with a strong passion to create. Mentored by some of the best instructors, he has developed his own unique style. He received a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Purdue University. He has over 25 years of combined industry experience. Mark is also a United States armed forces veteran. He enjoys working with artists from around the world, meeting new people, and being introduced to different cultures. Working as both the trainer and the trainee in several countries throughout his career to include the United States of America, Japan, Canada, and Mexico. His artwork has an industrial dimension, based upon experiences in the energy and aerospace industries. Powerful abstractions that have been energized through stainless steel, low carbon steel, brass, and aluminum medium. Metal has to burn and sparks must fly in creating his unique designs. Indoor and outdoor sculpture for both the private and commercial sectors – from private clients in over 20 states, also corporate hotel and private condominium installations. He has also designed a line of custom bicycles. Some of his custom bicycles have appeared on CBS’s The Price is Right and The Discovery Channel’s American Chopper.