Artist Statement

Sound Poles: Heavier than Water series conceptually communicates eviction by paralleling death and delinquency. Constructed from old telephone poles and found objects Sound Poles acts as beacons of communication. Continuing in the narrative of compositional art, practiced by Tyree Guyton, Sound Poles enriches the public space aesthetically and culturally while telling the story of the community. They are site-specific totems created in numerals of three, sporadically placed to magnify the trail’s experience.


Artist Bio

May 2012 constitutes eight years as a professional artist. Since that time, Barber received visual art awards and exhibited in 5 different states on the East Coast, while teaching Art K-5th grade. Barber’s collegiate training at The Atlanta College of Art has prepared him to be a prolific studio painter, and the commencement of this project will be his first Public Art display as a professional artist.