Artist Statement

” Somos Borincanos ” has become a Taino land for all who travel on the BeltLine to roam in. This educational space is a love letter to all Caribbeans to show they are still here and reverse the narrative of a paper genocide created of Taino ancestors. As the exhibition grows every year, the story continues to broaden with more symbolism, cemis, and leaf work to encompass this area and turn it into Atlanta’s little El Yunque.


Artist Bio

ARRRTADDICT is a Puerto Rican artist from Ft. Lauderdale. Her career began in the fast fashion industry designing graphic t-shirts for stores such as Zumiez, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Target. In the fast fashion industry, her dynamic streetwear aesthetic set her apart.

ARRRTADICT really found her whimsical style when she began designing urban skater art for Zumiez. Her canvas transitioned from just a t-shirt to large walls in ATL where she became a well-known muralist. She focuses on creating art that portrays the vibrancy of Puerto Rican and African American culture with loose lines, bold typography, bright colors, and her signature leopard print. Her ARRRT exudes positivity while embracing culture, spirituality, healing, and evoking the change our community needs to be unified and treated equally.